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Tamper Resistant Screws

High Security Replacement for Ordinary Screws and Nuts


Tamper Resistant Screws replace conventional screws, bolts and nuts in order to secure covers, plates, cabinet doors, etc. The Tamper Resistant Screw, developed and engineered by Inner-Tite provides a low cost and effective solution for securing meter installations and metering appurtenances against tampering. Tamper Resistant Screws are custom made at the Inner-Tite factory and are available in a variety of head and thread configurations.

Tamper Resistant Screws

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Features and Benefits


• Secure and tamper resistant
• Quick and easy installation
• Low cost replacement for ordinary screws
• Individual combinations available
• Standard and custom thread configurations
• Versatile and reusable
• Case hardened to resist cutting tools
• Plated for corrosion resistance
• Tamper Resistant Screw Key sold separately

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Additional Tamper Resistant Screws Images

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Typical gas applications for the Tamper Resistant Screws include gas meters where vulnerable screws could be subject to removal.

Tamper Resistant Nuts are also available to secure threaded posts such as found on this test switch.

The TRS Key is available in a variety of configurations including T-Handle and Keys to attach to standard ratchet drivers.

Tamper Resistant Screw

Tamper Resistant Nut

TRS Keys