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Stealth Adjustable Wing Valve Lock


Inner-Tite has developed the answer for securing hard-to-fit wing valves. This new lock uses a unique screw-down feature to provide a snug, secure fit on virtually all 1/2"- 2" wing valves in the closed position. The body is made from heavy-duty iron that resists impact and is extremely tough and rugged. The STEALTH will effectively prevent or reveal theft and tampering, helping gas utilities to improve effectiveness of disconnect operations and remain in compliance with Federal Code. For a list of features and benefits visit the STEALTH ADJUSTABLE WING VALVE LOCK page.


U.S. Patent pending.

Bottom Mount Jiffy


Inner-Tite has introduced the newest member of the Jiffy Lock family. The Bottom-Mount Jiffy Lock offers unmatched speed of installation to safely secure ringless meter sockets. This new Jiffy Lock is extremely tough and rugged. It will effectively prevent or reveal theft and tampering with unsurpassed installation convenience that makes it ideal for disconnect work and AMI installs. For a list of features and benefits visit the BOTTOM-MOUNT JIFFY LOCK page.


U.S. Patent 9,650,811

Universal Meter Cover
Universal Clear Plastic
Socket Cover


Inner-Tite introduces the Universal Plastic Meter Socket Cover. This high security clear meter blank is for use when the meter is removed. This innovative cover blank contains critical design elements that offer improved security over meter covers offered by other manufacturers. The unique design fits both ring style and ringless style meter sockets. The Universal Meter Cover features a deep dish security ridge that provides enhanced protection against common tampering techniques. Made from high impact uv stabilized polycarbonate for superior durability and impact resistance. Available in clear or opaque gray color. Made in U.S.A.

To find out more visit the UNIVERSAL METER COVER page.

Tony Agbay Patents
Inner-Tite Engineering Manager
Tony Agbay


United States Patent 7,870,867 has been awarded to Inner-Tite Corp. for a new and innovative Curb Box Lock design. This high security locking device prevents unauthorized access to gas and water curb shut-off valves thereby preventing the service from being illegally restored.

Inner-Tite has earned Mexico Patent 279720 for the Agbay Preload Barrel Lock, a premium security barrel lock that can be placed in a "ready" state in compatible locking devices prior to field installation. The device is then secured by a simple push of the Agbay Lock. Unlike other 'preload style' barrel locks, the Agbay Preload Barrel Lock can not be reused in another device without possessing the key. This is a critical security element and an added layer of security for the utility company. To find out more visit the AGBAY LOCK AND KEY page.

Fas'N Tite Padlock


The Fas'N Tite Padlock is an economical medium duty locking device designed to be an alternative to traditional padlocks. The Fas'N Tite Padlock uses a standard length barrel lock, allowing utility companies to easily integrate it into their existing locking program. In addition, the Fas'N Tite features the patented Inner-Tite Preload Feature, providing the installer with the convenience and security of keyless installation. To find out more visit the FAS'N TITE PADLOCK page.


U.S. Patent 8,186,186

Water Valve Locking Device


Inner-Tite introduces the Water Valve Locking Device. This heavy duty steel locking device was developed by Inner-Tite to provide utility companies with a rugged means to secure a variety of water shut-off valves to protect them from tampering and damage. This innovative locking device gives water utilities a valuable tool to secure their distribution system, protect revenues, and enhance their shut-off and credit and collection procedures. To find out more visit the WATER VALVE LOCKING DEVICE page.


U.S. Patent 8,955,540